Floods and floods in Iran cause 24 victims in 48 hours

At least 24 people have been killed and others are still missing due to torrential rains and floods that hit areas near Tehran as of yesterday (Wednesday), officials said on Friday, with similar weather phenomena recorded. in other provinces.

Large areas of the Islamic Republic are affected, starting Wednesday, by heavy heavy rains, which have reflected torrential rains, floods and soil erosion.

And the Iranian Red Crescent Society said today, Friday, that “due to heavy rains and torrential rains in the village of Imamzadeh Daoud in the west (of the capital) and in the Firouzkoh, Rodhun and Damavand areas in the east of Tehran, 24 people They’re dead”.

He indicated that “the rescue operations and the search for 19 missing persons” continue in these areas within the province of Tehran.

Governor Mohsen Mansouri confirmed on state television that in the Firuzkoh district, in the last few hours, 10 people have been killed and 12 injured, while another 16 are missing.

He explained that this mountainous region, about 130 km east of the capital, was “the hardest hit by rock erosion”.

Yesterday, Thursday, authorities confirmed that at least seven people were killed due to torrential rains that hit areas near Tehran. in particularly the tourist village of Imamzadeh Daoud, west of the capital.

Interior Minister Ahmed Vahidi said Friday that 18 of the country’s 31 provinces are facing torrential rains, including Mazandaran, Alborz, Markazi, Isfahan and Yazd, as well as Tehran.

“The streets have been flooded, especially in the historic center” of the city, which is inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List, Vahidi said, on her way to Yazd (center).

The climate in southern and central Iran is in mostly dry, but these areas have seen flooding in multiple phases, the last of which was last week.

On Saturday, officials announced that at least 22 people were killed as a result of torrential rains that hit areas in the province of Fars (south).

At least eight people died in January, most of them in Fars, due to floods caused by torrential rains.

Large-scale floods in Iran killed at least 76 people and caused estimated damage in March and April 2019 in about 2 billion dollars.

Scientists believe that climate change exacerbates climate extremes, including drought, as well as the possibility of greater intensity of storms and rain.

In a short text message, the Iranian Red Crescent Society urged Iranians to avoid approaching riverbeds or visiting hiking areas. in mountain until Monday, with the expectation of rain that will continue during this period.