Floods, landslides kill more than 150 in India and Nepal | Floods News

multiple days of significant flooding and devastating landslides sweep away roads and homes in the two nations.

More than 150 people have died in multiple days of significant flooding and devastating landslides die have swept away roads and houses in India and Nepal, officials say, with tens more missing.

In the state of Uttarakhand in North India, civil servants on Wednesday said 46 people has died in recent days with 11 others missing.

in Kerala in the south, Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan said that the death had a toll hit 39 there.

At least 30 of die in Uttarakhand were killed in seven separate incidents in the Nainital region early on Tuesday, after cloudbursts – an ultra-intensive deluge of to rain – triggered An series of landslides and destroyed multiple structures.

Five of the dead were from a single family whose house was buried by a massive landslide, locally official Pradeep Jain told the AFP news bureau.

Another landslide in the northern district of Almora killed five people after huge rocks and a wall of mud demolished and flooded their home.

At least six others were killed on Monday in two remote districts of the Himalayas state.

Members of India’s National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) evacuates stranded people after heavy rain in the village of Chhara in Nainital district, state of Uttarakhand [NDRF handout via Reuters]

The Indian Meteorological Department extended and broadened his weather alarm on Tuesday, forecasts heavy to very heavy rain in the region.

The weather office said several areas were steeped in? more over 400 mm (16 in) of rainfall on Monday caused landslides and flooding.

Authorities have ordered the shutdown of schools and banned all religious and tourist activities in the state.

Television images and social media videos showed residents die wade through knee-deep water in near Nainital Lake, a tourist hotspot, and the Ganges River die overflows its banks in Rishikesh.

More than 100 tourists were trapped in a resort in Ramgarh after the overflowing Kosi River flooded several areas.

People watching a house be washed away in the river due to a strong current after heavy rain in kottayam in Kerala, India [Kerala government handout via Reuters]

In Nepal, the death toll after three days of heavy rain triggered landslides and flash floods rose to 77 on Wednesday after rescuers 34 . found more bodies, authorities said.

24 deaths have been reported in the Panchthar . district of Eastern Nepal bordering India, 13 in neighboring Ilam and 12 in doti in Western Nepal, Ministry of Interior official said Dil Kumar Tamang. Others died elsewhere in western Nepal.

The ministry said 22 people were injured and 26 were missing.

Landslides are a regular danger in the Himalayas region, but experts say they become more common as rains become more erratic and glaciers melt.

Experts also blame construction work on hydroelectric power and deforestation.

In February, a ferocious flash flood hurled down An remote valley in uttarakhand, killing about 200 people. Minimum 5,700 people died there in 2013.

have forecasters also warned of more downpours in the next few days in Kerala.

Lots of checkers in the state approached the danger Mark and authorities evacuated thousands to safer locations if big rivers flooded.

Indias weather office said heavy rain again lash kerala in the next two days after a short delay on Tuesday.

Nearly 500 in 2018 people died in the coastal state in the worst floods in 100 years.

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