"Fly Emirates" Announces a major deal with "Boeing"

Emirates has announced it has bought five Boeing 777 cargo planes worth more than $1.7 billion to expand its air cargo capacity, the two companies said on Tuesday.

Emirates previously announced a $1 billion investment in its cargo flights, including the purchase of two new Boeing 777 aircraft and the conversion of 10 Boeing ER300-700 passenger aircraft to cargo.

Two new aircraft joined the Emirates fleet in 2022, with refitting expected to begin in 2023.

Emirates Airlines owns 11 Boeing 777 cargo aircraft and the company has indicated that the request brings the total number of aircraft it owns to 200 wide-body aircraft.

Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum, Chairman and CEO of Emirates, said: “This demand reflects Emirates’ confidence in air cargo demand and the growth of the aviation sector as a whole. It sets the stage for our continued growth driven by the expansion of our diverse global network.” .

The Emirates fleet currently consists of 118 Airbus A380s and 134 Boeing 777s.

While the deal is valued at more than $1.7 billion, airlines and manufacturers typically negotiate discounts on bulk purchases.

Source: Associated Press