For a Limited Time, Marvel’s Avengers is Giving Away Three MCU Skins

For a limited time, Marvel’s Avengers introduces three free MCU DLC suits that will likely bring back fond memories for fans.


For a limited time, three MCU skins are available for free in Marvel’s Avengers. Fans may decide to rewatch Marvel’s Avengers for no other reason than the way these wistful MCU outfits take them back to simpler times.



As seen by the throwback Hawkeye costume that is now on the market, Marvel’s Avengers is not new to changing the attire of its heroes while drawing inspiration from the comics, which in some cases may stretch as far back as 1960. Marvel’s Avengers has demonstrated that it utilizes its source material when it comes to DLC, and the new skins are no different. This is true of both the comics and the MCU.


Three iconic MCU outfits were made available without charge as part of Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics’ celebration of the game’s second anniversary last month. These costumes are those of Iron Man from Iron Man 2, Captain America from the first Avengers film, and Thor from the character’s first film. This offer appears to have been reinstated and is now freely accessible through October 8 by logging into the game. The MCU-inspired outfits are shown in action in a video that was shared on Marvel’s Avengers Twitter account. These vintage Phase 1 Marvel outfits are ideal for players who wish to remember when the characters initially joined forces. With the free DLC, they may now do so. Now, in the game, they may recreate that experience.

The outfits that game designers incorporate—both from the original designs created just for those games and from the source material—are among the best parts of superhero games. These aesthetic options offer fans more than just a fresh look since they may take them to a character’s appearance from a particular storyline, which may change how they play the game. No exception will be made regarding aesthetics for the upcoming Gotham Knights cosmetic possibilities, also created realistically through its RPG components. With Marvel’s Avengers, players may appreciate the costume for what it is and interact with the game in any way they see fit without having to worry about how a cosmetic would affect their gameplay.



While players who currently own these costumes shouldn’t fret, more superhero suit material is anticipated in the future. Players who missed out on the first promotion now have two more days to get these outfits for free. According to a new leak, cel-shaded companies may be coming to Marvel’s Avengers in the future.


Now you may play Marvel’s Avengers on your PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.