For Android users only .. a new feature from Google

Today Google is expanding its text stickers for Android users who use the US English version of its Gboard keyboard.

The search giant is bringing over 1,600 new theme mixes for Pride Month and summer in Emoji Kitchen by Gboard.

The feature can also be used by simply typing an emoji or two in a message, so knowing what kind of merging you can translate in stickers and the result will be a bunch of funny emojis, according to The Verge.

New features

In addition to Gboard, Google is introducing new features in two of its accessibility-focused apps: Sound Amplifier and Lookout, which gets a speaker designed to amplify certain sounds for people with hearing difficulties, and Lookout, an app designed to help people with hearing impairments. adds an offline mode to the “network” as well as a way for users to hear an image description from “any app or browser”.

Finally, Google will soon allow you to redeem your Google Play Points while you are in a game or in an app, as you no longer have to go through the extra steps to convert your Play Points in a voucher before making a purchase.

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