For Desktop Search Results, Google Now Offers Continuous Scroll

This is now being applied to English and American search results.

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Google is now making the desktop search results continuous scroll available. In October 2021, Google introduced continuous scroll to mobile search; it is also available for desktop search results.

Google refers to the continuous scroll as a continuous scroll rather than an infinite scroll because it is similar to an infinite scroll but stops after a certain number of pages.

What continuous scroll looks like on a desktop. Here is a GIF of the continuous scroll in action on a desktop search:


Google’s claim. So that you can continue to see more helpful search results with fewer clicks, we are bringing continuous scrolling to the desktop as of right now. With more information at your fingertips, it’s now even simpler to be inspired, and a Google spokesperson told Search Engine Land.

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“From this point on, as you scroll down, you’ll find more results pertinent to finding fresh ideas. Up to six results pages will be displayed automatically when you reach the bottom of a search results page until you see a button that says “More results” if you want to see more.” Google added.

American English It might take time for all U.S. users to fully notice this as it is currently rolling out across all English search results in the country.

Impact of advertisements. When the continuous scroll debuted on mobile devices, we discussed what this meant for Google Ads.

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Why it matters: This might persuade searchers to scroll through more results after looking at the first few. Searchers may scroll more or less, which could affect your Search Console data.