For some Premium Users, YouTube’s in-app Games are Now Available to Play

YouTube’s Playables: The Newest Cloud Gaming Experience for Premium Subscribers

YouTube, one of the most popular entertainment apps on Android, has now become the testing ground for Google’s cloud gaming effort called Playables on YouTube. This feature is currently available to Premium subscribers, offering a range of download-free games for users to enjoy.

The Concept of Playables:

Playables on YouTube bring back the nostalgia of flash games with simple 2D graphics and uncomplicated physics. These bite-sized games are powered by GameSnacks , a Google service that creates HTML5 arcade games suitable for individuals with a slow internet connection. With a library of 37 titles, Playables offer a diverse range of games such as Angry Birds Showdown, 8 Ball Billiards Classic, Daily Solitaire, and Scooter Xtreme.

Playing Playables:

Users do not need to download or install any additional apps to play these games as they are readily available on the YouTube app and web platform. The games are accessible under the Explore and Browse tabs, with recommendations provided in the Playables Home tab. Upon playing a game, in-game progress and high scores are saved automatically, allowing users to seamlessly continue their gaming experience.

The Experience and Future:

Despite some minor display adjustments needed, Playables offer a smooth graphics quality and seamless gameplay experience. It remains unclear why YouTube introduced Playables on a platform already catering to user-uploaded videos and Shorts content; however, it seems to be a promising sign with notifications being sent out to Premium subscribers for increased visibility.

The introduction of Playables on YouTube provides a new and exciting gaming experience for Premium subscribers, catering to those looking for a quick and entertaining way to pass the time. With the potential for further expansion of the library of games, Playables on YouTube has the potential to become a prominent feature for all YouTube users in the future.

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