For the fifth time, the Lebanese parliament fails to elect a president

The Lebanese parliament failed for the fifth time to elect a president of the republic, ten days after Lebanon entered the presidential vacuum, and at ten in the morning the deputies started pouring in in Nejmeh square to participate in the session, where the competition centered between the candidate Michel Moawad and the option of the White Paper takes place.

After the start of the session and after the end of the first session, the voting results were as follows: Michel Moawad 44 votes, 47 white papers, Issam Khalifa 6 votes, New Lebanon 7 votes and one document each for Ziad Baroud and Ziad Hayek, for Lebanon and an abolished newspaper. After the vote count was completed, the “March 8” MPs overturned the quorum and Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri adjourned the session, announcing a sixth election session the next day, November 17.

A constitutional debate took place between Berri and MP Melhem Khalaf, who suggested an open election session that would only end with the election of a president, considering that the two-thirds quorum should not be adopted.