For the first time, a controversial leader starts the new year with economic priorities

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un gave a speech at the end of an important meeting of the ruling party in which has put the economy at the center of its priorities for 2022, according to reports from the media state Saturday.

Contrary to previous years, when Kim devoted most of his New Year’s speech to the ruling Workers’ Party Central Committee talking about its foreign policy, the North Korean leader made his speech. questyear focused on economic development issues and addressing food situation.

And North Korea, which is under a series of international sanctions due to its banned military programs, is suffering from food shortages and is having great difficulty feeding its people.

Pressure on the North Korean economy has increased due to tight border closures aimed at fighting the Covid pandemic.

“It is important to take a decisive step to solve the problems related to the daily needs of the people,” Kim told the official KCNA news agency.

According to the South Korean Central Bank, North Korea experienced its biggest economic downturn in the past two decades in 2020.

In June, Kim admitted that her country was facing a “strained food situation”.

In October, a UN human rights expert warned that the most vulnerable in North Korea were “threatened by hunger”.

In his speech, the North Korean leader, who succeeded his father Kim Jong-il ten years ago, stressed that tackling the pandemic is one of the main goals for next year.

“Emergency anti-epidemic measures must be put in place in top national priorities and firmly implemented … without the slightest inaction, deviation or failure, “he said.

The North Korean leader was not mentioned the United States or South Korea, He only said that Pyongyang will continue to improve its military capabilities.

“The growing military instability on the Korean peninsula and the international situation require the strengthening of national defense capabilities,” the agency said, citing Kim.

According to a UN report released in October, the economic downturn caused by the pandemic has not stopped Pyongyang from developing its military capabilities and weapons.

Negotiations with the US stalled in 2019 when a summit between Kim Yun-un and then US President Donald Trump failed.

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