For the first time in one month, Moscow controls a village in Kharkiv

For the first time since the beginning of September, when it was repulsed by a Ukrainian counterattack, the Russian army announced today, Tuesday, that it had captured a village in the Kharkiv region of northeastern Ukraine.

“Army units, during operations offensivethey captured the city of Gorobivka “near the border with Russia, the defense ministry said in its daily report.

hit energy systems

As for the Ukrainian energy systems, he confirmed the implementation of new strikes against electricity plants.

He also made it clear that Russian forces continue to target Ukrainian military and energy systems with long-range, high-precision naval and air weapons.

These statements came after Ukrainian authorities announced today that Russian attacks destroyed 30% of energy plants. in a week, causing massive breakdowns in across the country and electricity and water blackouts in many areas, including Kiev.

Since last week, Russian forces have intensified their attacks on Ukrainian lands, in particular in Kiev, in what was considered a response to the attack on the Crimean bridge, which connects the Russian mainland to the peninsula that Russia annexed in 2014.

These attacks also came after the Russian army stumbled across the north and east of Ukraine, and also in the southern regions, in the face of the counterattack launched by Ukrainian forces weeks ago to recover dozens of areas that had been in the hands of the Russians for months, it refreshes a little and the pace of its progress.

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