For the first time… Jiro reveals what he said to Benzema in the farewell meeting

London – ‘Al-Quds Al-Arabi’: for the first time .. French striker Olivier Giroud has revealed what went on behind the scenes in his latest meeting with compatriot Karim Benzema, after receiving news of the exclusion of the Real Madrid captain from the roosters field, days before the opening of the Club. Qatar 2022 World Cup. The AC Milan forward has tried to clear himself of the accusation leveled against the managers and managers of the French national team locker room, of having conspired damages of their colleague of Algerian origin, to prevent him from representing the country at the Qatar World Cup, to avoid what happened after winning the European championship of the Nations League, where he won the best player in the world, the lion’s share of the global media aura, thanks to his overwhelming popularity among royalty around the world. In response to news reports and rumors that have placed his name in a useful phrase with the rest of the group involved in expelling Karim from the French camp, Giroud said in an interview with the local network “Canal Plus”, “What happened between you and Benzema after the exclusion from the national team? Of course I was sad for him, and this is what I told Karim, we were all disappointed with his injury and for his departure from the field.” And he was not satisfied with that, but rather took on the role of lawyer on behalf of the rest of his colleagues, denying the popular narrative in media, on the conspiracy of the players against the Real Madrid star, saying: “It is clear that some have tried to compose some stories within the camp of the national team, and I assure everyone, that what has been said about the existence of problems and disagreements between us, has no foundation of truth.” Benzema is known to have left the field, due to a calf muscle injury, and in at that moment he told himself that he would need a long time to recover from a setback, before the days show otherwise, after his suffering ended before the end of the first round of the World Cup, in coinciding with his return to regular participation in the World Cup, Real Madrid training and friendlies at the beginning of last December, which caused a new investigation of the entire file. Enthusiasm reached a fever pitch after manager Didier Deschamps balked at the idea of ​​calling up Karim, and putting him on the national team list in the final match in honorific manner, so much so that the answer came from the person concerned, announcing the decision to suspend his shoes internationally, and he did so a few hours after losing the dream of keeping the World Cup for the moment. The second in a row , and the third in history, was defeated by Lionel Messi and his companions in the Argentine national team on penalties, and since then the controversies about the reasons that prompted him to make this decision have not stopped.