For the first time, the international criminal prosecutor participated in the investigation in Ukraine

In a first of its kind, the European Agency for Judicial Cooperation “Eurodast” announced on Monday that the Prosecutor’s Office of the International Criminal Court will participate in the European investigation into war crimes in Ukraine.

The agency said in a statement that the joint investigation team, formed in March in collaboration between Lithuania, Poland and Ukraine and with the support of Eurodjust, aims to facilitate the work of investigators and prosecutors in the countries concerned, as well as cases that can be referred to the International Criminal Court, as reported by “France”. Press”.

Eurojust said that “the prosecutor of the International Criminal Court, Karim Khan, and the prosecutors of the three countries concerned signed today an agreement on the first participation in absolute of the Prosecutor’s Office to a joint investigation team “.

According to the release, tale agreement “will allow for rapid and timely coordination and cooperation with partner countries (in the joint investigation team), in the context of investigations conducted by the Public Prosecutor’s Office and the competent national authorities”.

As of 2018, Ukraine is one of 10 non-EU countries that have a prosecutor linked to Eurojust.

Visit to Bucha

On March 3, the UK prosecutor of the International Criminal Court, Karim Khan, opened an investigation into the situation in Ukraine after receiving the via free in this regard from about 40 member states of the International Criminal Court.

In early April, Khan visited Bucha, where Ukrainian authorities said they found the bodies of hundreds of civilians after Russian forces withdrew from the city adjacent to Kiev.

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At the time, the prosecutor said Ukraine was a “crime scene”.

In turn, the European Commission proposed on Monday to extend Eurodast’s mandate to allow it to preserve prove of alleged war crimes in Ukraine and to share these prove in particularly with the International Criminal Court.

Interestingly, hundreds of civilian bodies have been found since the withdrawal of Russian forces from the Kiev region in late March. Ukrainian authorities and Western countries accuse Russia of committing “war crimes” against them, charges that Moscow rejects.

Moscow has also been accused of “war crimes” in the southeast Mariupol region, which Moscow has flatly denied.

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