Forbidden to enter the parks. Afghan women to the Taliban: Have mercy on our minds!

Despite the promises and reassurances made by the Taliban shortly after taking control of the country last August, on the way in women should be treated, their decisions never bode well.

In its new statements, the extremist movement has prevented Afghan women from entering the parks and public gardens of the capital Kabul, after being among the last places of entertainment available to women with the severe restrictions imposed by their regime.

The Taliban say: they have violated the instructions

The new law, entered in force this week, it will further remove Afghan women from public space in decrease, especially after they were banned from traveling without a male escort and forced to wear a veil or burqa outside.

Additionally, schools for teenage girls closed over a year ago in most of the country.

The movement said, via its spokesperson, that the decision came due to violations of the rules in the parks, where the instructions given by the movement were not followed, according to its claim.

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Disappointment .. have mercy on our minds

The decision was met with disappointment by the women and park operators who have invested heavily in the development of these structures.

Waheeda, from Afghanistan, who asked not to be identified as she watched her children play in a park through the window of a nearby restaurant, said the situation was no longer bearable, in when schools and jobs were missing, at least the parks were a place of hope, referring to the recent arbitrary decision.

“We are tired of being at home all day, it affects our mental health,” he told AFP.

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Strict rules, especially for women

It is reported that before the ban imposed this week, the parks were receiving hundreds of visitors on days in which women brought their children to family reunions, but this has completely disappeared with the recent decision.

During the movement’s government in the country between 1996 and 2001, the Taliban imposed its strict rules on citizens, in especially to women.

At that time, girls were prevented from studying, as well as women from working or serving in the government or military, and traveling, were rarely seen on public streets without a man’s escort.

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