Ford and Argo AI launch the auto self-driving with Lyft for the purpose of year

An autonomous Ford modified by Argo vehicle parked in Manhattan on Friday 12 July 2019.

Paul Eisenstein | CNBC

Ford will launch an autonomous vehicle fleet with Lyft and Argo AI by the end of the year, The companies announced Wednesday.

Self-driving tours with safety drivers want begin This year in You love me. The companies said they want to expand in Austin, in Texas, in 2022 and roll out about 1,000 auto self-driving in more markets within five years.

The partnership comes as passenger transport companies Uber and Lyft abandon theirs in-house systems e instead To look at outside partner for autonomous driving technology. Lyft announced plans in April to sell his autonomous vehicle drive to a branch of Toyota for 550 million dollars. In December, Uber sold its self-driving unit to start-up Aurora, which is supported by Hyundai and Amazon, in half safety extreme worries and costs.

“Every company brings the scale, the knowledge and the capability in their area of skills necessary to make ride-hailing autonomous a business reality”said Logan Green, Lyft co-founder and CEO.

As a part of the deal, Lyft will receive 2.5% common equity of Argo AI, the autonomous one supported by Ford and Volkswagen vehicle start-up that is reportedly preparing to go public how soon like this year.

The race implement autonomous driving vehicles it’s heating up up nationwide. General Motors CEO Mary Barra said during the first-quarter earnings call which it expects to offer to self-employed consumers vehicles this decade. Volkswagen is planning a self-driving microbus with Argo AI by 2025, as Ford said in February is plans invest $ 29 billion in autonomous and electric vehicles until 2025.

Ford and Argo AI have tested fleets nationwide in Austin; Detroit; You love me; Palo Alto, California; Pittsburgh; and Washington, DC

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