Ford and partner Argo AI will launch the auto self-driving Lyft this year

Ford and partner Argo AI will launch the auto self-driving Lyft this year

Look out Miami, there are a few new machines in small town.


Ford last year he said it was necessary delay his robotaxi service until 2022 Why of the pandemic, but now a big first step this will happen year. Wednesday, Ford announced that in the end of 2021 will field the first auto self-driving with its partner Argo AI on Lyft’s ride-hailing service network. The first the machines will land in Miami, the automaker said.

This first step is one of many to market (this is business talk for “make money”) Autonomous ride-hailing services. Many companies and car manufacturers have promised these services for years now, but the Google subsidiary Waymo it is the only one one in reality pick knights up and charges them a fee. And that’s just it outside of Phoenix – anything but nationwide.

Ford and Argo AI will create defined service zones in Miami and Lyft users will have the option to choose an autonomous Ford Escape for pick their up. When the car arrives, there will be a human safety driver on board but the vehicle same will do drive riders to their destination. Companies have not done this share details on where will these service areas be, or how much of the city they will extend. Essentially, like Waymo, the machines will work in a geofenced space for ensure the machines remain in well mapped areas that fully understand.

But a big dose of reality arrives with of today announcement: Ford said this driver program flattens the way to launch 1,000 autonomous vehicles on Lyft’s network over the next five years. That’s all, just 1,000 auto by 2026. (Lyft currently has 1.4 million humans drivers.) This is an industry he once thought we were going to deploy auto autonomous on a large scale by, well, now. However, Ford plans to launch another small fleet of Automobiles in Austin, Texas, in 2022 as it continues to expand its work with Lyft and Argo AI.

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