Former A Place In The Sun Presenter Danni Menzies’ Car Stolen by Masked Thieves, Sparks Concerns Among Fans and Police

Former A Place In The Sun Presenter Danni Menzies Claims Car Was Stolen

Former A Place In The Sun presenter took to her Instagram Stories today and shared a disturbing video as she claimed her car was stolen.

In view of her 111,000 followers, Danni shared a video of a vehicle being driven away as the property expert fumed over the incident.

She captioned the clip: “That’s just my car being stolen by [two people] in balaclavas. WTF!”

It has not yet been confirmed if the former Channel 4 presenter has contacted the police.

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It comes after Danni, 34, feared she would never work again following a moped crash.

The presenter was hit by a stolen moped last year and it left the TV star battered and bruised,

Danni claimed she put her life on hold and thought she would never work again.

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