Former Dice Developer Says That Battlefield 2042 “Never Stood Much Chance of Being Great at Launch”

A former DICE developer who worked there for 13 years before departing recently took to Twitter to say that Battlefield 2042 “never stood much of a chance at being great at launch.”

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According to a Senior Software Engineer who once worked at DICE and is now employed by Epic Games as a Senior Backend Engineer, the game went through “many iterations.” Still, the timetable for its completion has mostly stayed the same.

Early leaks during the development of Battlefield 2042, which originated from myself on a Twitter user that has since been terminated, detailed the game’s extensive destructibility, weather events, and other features. Those particulars did not materialize, which is a great disappointment.

It wasn’t until a couple of months after the game’s launch that it was found that those elements were from internal pitches of the game, which painted Battlefield 2042 in a different light and is likely one of those “many iterations” that Bodin cites. This put Battlefield 2042 in a different perspective.

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Battlefield 2042 underwent many course corrections during its development, including the initial hypothesis that it would be a Battle Royale. The game was shown in a different light in documents created internally a year before it was released by means of significant meteorological occurrences such as tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, and other such phenomena.

On my channel on YouTube, you may find a film that lasts for the full thirty minutes and discusses the creation of Battlefield 2042.

EA CEO Andrew Wilson recently broke his silence on queries concerning Battlefield by stating that the brand will return in an “entirely new way.” This statement was made in response to inquiries about the future of the Battlefield franchise.

Vince Zampella, formerly of Respawn Entertainment, and Byron Beede, a former boss at Call of Duty, comprise the current leadership team at Battlefield. In addition, Rebecka Coutaz will lead the Swedish company DICE, while Christian Grass will lead the studio at Ripple Effect. Both of these leadership positions were just announced. Alex Seropian, who was involved in the creation of Halo, will continue to serve as the head of the Battlefield Mobile development firm Industrial Toys. Battlefield veteran Lars Gustavsson, also known as Mr. Battlefield, has recently formed his own business called TTK Games after leaving DICE earlier this year.

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