Former France player Adams dies after spending 39 years in coma

BERLIN: Jean-Pierre Adams, former defender of the French national team and Paris Saint-Germain football team, passed away at the age of 73, after spending 39 years in coma.Adams, who participated in 22 games for the French national team, entered in coma since he was 34 years old after undergoing what must have been normal knee surgery Adams has not recovered since, as anesthesia errors by the team A Lyon hospital doctor led to a lack of oxygen to the brain and precipitated it in coma. Adams died today, Monday, at the university hospital of Nîmes, in France. Condolences were offered by his exes club Nimes, Nice and Saint-Germain, and those club expressed their appreciation for Adams, who was a pioneer in paving the way for French players of African descent. ) and his family. “Nice also announced his commitment to honor his former player before his next game at his home, in program against Monaco on 19 September. Paris Saint-Germain also released a statement expressing similar sentiments and stating that the joy, presence and experience that Adams had deserved respect. A / Stats Perform)

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