Former Mossad chief revealed die Secrets … a reference to operations in Iran

In surprising statements, the outgoing head of the Israeli secret service “Mossad” has many secrets die His country’s operations in Iran disclosed.

In an interview that in an investigation broadcast on Israeli Channel 12, “Yossi Cohen made the closest admission yet, according to Associated Press reports, that his country was behind the recent attacks on Iran’s nuclear program, as well as” die Assassination of the scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh. “

Warning to Iranian scientists

He also warned other scientists die are involved in the Iranian nuclear program, it is clear that they too could become targets of attacks, even if diplomats in Vienna are trying to negotiate terms to try to save the Iranian nuclear deal with the world powers.

In addition, according to Cohen, he has “deep knowledge” of various Iranian nuclear facilities.

Former Mossad chief revealed die Secrets … a reference to operations in Iran

Iranian scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh (Reuters)

He also pointed out, without directly recognizing a role for the Mossad in the recent explosion at the Natanz site, that “die Centrifuges in Natanz worked, but apparently no longer. “

When asked about the assassination of Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, a senior Iranian nuclear program official, he replied: “The Mossad has been watching him for years and was very close to him before he was assassinated in November last year.”

The Iranian scientist was born on November 27th last year in murdered in the Absard area near the capital Tehran.

Natanz uranium enrichment plant (Reuters archive)

Natanz uranium enrichment plant (Reuters archive)

The main attacks on Iran included two of the worst hits in the past year in the Natanz nuclear facility, where centrifuges enrich uranium from an underground chamber, die it is supposed to protect against air raids.

A mysterious explosion ripped off in July 2020 in Natanz set apart a number of advanced centrifuges, die Iran accused Israel.

Then, also in April of this year, another explosion destroyed one of the underground enrichment halls.

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