Former National Guard official who loves out The army’s “lies” of January 6

In a 36-page note obtained by Politico, former national guard official Colonel Earl Matthews has accused two army generals of being “absolute and unconditional liars” based on their testimony before Congress on the January 6 uprising.

Matthews’ memorandum was sent to the Congressional committee investigating the events of January 6, 2021 earlier this month. In it he accuses General Charles Flynn (brother of Trump’s ally Michael and the deputy chief of personal for operations on January 6), and Lieutenant General Walter Piatt (director of Army personnel), of lying in their testimony in Congress when they said they pushed for rapid distribution of the National Guard following the Capitol is violated.

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Head of the Capitol Riot Committee says invoking the Fifth Amendment suggests guilt

Head of the Capitol Riot Committee says invoking the Fifth Amendment suggests guilt

One of Matteo’ more specific claims is that Piatt testified that he asked the then commander of the National Guard, General William Walker, under whom Matthews worked in that moment, on a conference call to get a QRF (Quick Ready Force) not long after attack.

However, according to Matthews, the presence of the National Guard was requested about 90 minutes after the riot, but Flynn and Piatt said they were not heard at the time. military intervention was needed.

He has gone on to call the army report on the revolt «A worthy revisionist treatise of the best Stalinist or North Korean propagandist ”.

An Army spokesman pointed to the Pentagon inspector general report in a public defense of Flynn and Piatt, saying they concluded that the actions taken on the day “Were appropriate, supported by requirements, coherent with the roles and responsibilities of the DOD for DSCA is compliant with applicable laws, regulations and other guidelines “.

“Our army never has failed us and I didn’t on January 6, 2021. However, occasionally some of our army leaders have failed us and they did on January 6 “ Matthews told Politico. “Then they lied about this and tried to cover it up up. They tried to smear a good man and delete history. “

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