Former North Carolina sheriff’s assistant charged with assault after video shows body slamming high school student (update)

Earlier this week, we reported that an assistant sheriff from a college in North Carolina had been laid off after the video showed him a student slamming his body. Now this former member has been charged with assault following the incident.

According to ABC News, the former assistant who was a school resource officer for Vance County Middle School in Henderson has been identified as Warren Durham. On Tuesday, he was formally charged with assaulting a child under the age of 12, child abuse and willful denial of release, which was linked to his employment at the sheriff’s office.

All the charges against him are crimes. District Attorney Mike Waters said prosecutors were unable to charge Durham with a crime under North Carolina state law because the student had not suffered serious bodily harm during the incident.

District Attorney Waters said, “If the child had had more serious injuries, we would have a different discussion, but we don’t have one.”

The maximum sentence Durham can receive for this incident in 120 days in prison for not having been convicted before, however, authorities are working to ensure that he will no longer serve as an enforcement officer. laws in this area.

The student whose name is still unknown has been identified as an 11-year-old child. The student reported the incident to the school, which then informed the Vance County central school office, and the sheriff’s office was brought in to investigate.

John Miles, the student’s grandfather, said he suffered bruises and a shoulder injury, which led to nightmares.

D.A. Waters stated that Durham was allegedly involved in another incident with a student, the student would be a woman. Miles said he spoke with the young woman’s parents.

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