Former official: Musk’s dictatorship is wreaking havoc on Twitter

While Twitter has undergone major transformations since its purchase by controversial American businessman Elon Musk, a former senior official of the popular platform has revealed that it is already in danger.

And he believed that Twitter’s new owner’s “dictatorial management style” is driving the company into unintentional business mistakes, starting with content-editing disasters and deteriorating the functioning of platform features that help keep users safe. .

disasters in amidst the chaos

Yoel Roth, an official who quit his job on the platform weeks ago, added that the bankrupt social media is another example of a disaster that has passed into the chaos that Musk has wrought on Twitter.

In his first interview since his retirement from Twitter, he predicted the occurrence of other disasters that threaten the survival of the company and actually compromise its security.

He also indicated that he, along with his other colleagues, warned Musk about the glaring problems in his plan to introduce paid verification branding, but the billionaire held on to his opinion and worked through it, which resulted in a ‘surge of fake accounts pretending to be big brands of athletes and other users, which forced the platform to discontinue the functionality. “It derailed exactly the way in what we expected,” Roth said.

He also warned that Musk’s straightforward approach to content management and lack of a transparent process for setting and enforcing platform policies made Twitter less secure, citing understaffing who understood the scheme of manipulators. and algorithms.

He also urged Twitter users to monitor the performance of key security features like muting and blocking tweets and protecting them as warning signs that the platform may be down, according to CNN.

The developments do not bode well

Interestingly, the platform’s new owner had issued new instructions since its acquisition that have been sweeping the globe lately amid fears that layoffs of large numbers of employees would lead to an increase in loopholes and malfunctions.

The platform experienced a number of problems, including the automated intellectual property rights system, which stopped for a while and caused some users to post a series of clips with rights, and remained on the platform for hours before to be removed.

There were also reports that accounts were hacked and the site was slow, especially in interacting with users.

Also, users have recently encountered problems with the verification process in two steps that happens via text messages, in order to access their accounts, and others have reported problems uploading their data to Twitter.

Last month, Musk ordered the layoffs of hundreds of employees as part of the company’s decision to cut its workforce in half.

On Nov. 4, half of Twitter’s workforce “disappeared,” including 80 percent of its technical staff, and Musk informed his employees of the company’s possible bankruptcy.

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