Fortnite Chapter 3 release date and time: Epic Games confirms Season 1 launch plans

Fortnite Chapter 3 release date and time: Epic Games confirms Season 1 launch plans

Fortnite Chapter 3 release date is almost here (Image: EPIC GAMES)

The Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 1 release date appears to have been revealed by Epic Games.

According to the latest reports, Chapter 3 has a December 5 release date and a 3pm GMT launch time.

If the latest reports are to be believed, the new season was initially supposed to launch early next week.

This reportedly changed after the Chapter 3, Season 1 trailer was leaked on TikTok earlier this week.

The new December 5 release date was revealed by Fortnite insiders online, alongside a snap of the next item shop update.

“Item Shop changed, further confirming that Chapter 3 launches tomorrow ~3 PM UTC!” reads a Hypex tweet.

Not only has the release date been revealed, but the end date has also been leaked ahead of schedule.

That’s according to @iFireMonkey, who suggests Chapter 3, Season 1 will end on March 29, which is a Tuesday.

While there’s a good chance the season could be extended, a March 29 end date seems like a safe bet.

As fans countdown to the start of the new season, Epic Games is slowly unveiling the new Fortnite map.

Judging by the latest images, the new map will bring back points of interest such as Shifty Shafts and Wailing Woods.

However, fitting with the new FortniteFlipped theme, both locations will look a little different in Chapter 3.

Fans can help uncover more of the map by flipping their social media profiles and using the FortniteFlipped hashtag.

“Flip your world and a new one will be revealed,” Epic tweets.

“Use #FortniteFlipped, flip your social profile and posts, and work together to reveal the new Island.”

If the recent leaks are anything to go by, update 19.0 will add some interesting new gameplay features.

Based on clues discovered by hardcore Fortnite fans, Epic Games could add throwing axes to Battle Royale.

The twist, however, is that the throwing axes can be caught by opposing players, making it a somewhat risky weapon to use.

As previously reported, Epic Games appears to be working on a reworked version of the FlintKnock Pistol, complete with improved stats and new functions.

That’s on top of a new saddle item, which will give players the ability to ride animals.

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