Fortnite has snow storms and no one knows why

It is often cold on the map of Fortnite. In the winter months, the famous sights on the map are covered with snow every year. But this time there is something more than just snow dust. Instead, a full blown snowstorm hits Fortnite’s Chapter 2 map, and no one knows why.

The in-game blizzards appear to appear in most Fortnite game modes and appear to appear in almost every game. Every new storm comes quickly and without warning. The map goes dark and heavy snow curtains fall. Visibility on the map is reduced so much that you can only see a few meters in front of you. After just a few minutes, the snow subsides and the storm disappears, leaving the normal Fortnite winter map behind.

As with any surprising, game-wide event in Fortnite, players are already looking for greater meaning. Players have found no evidence that the snowstorms have changed anything on the map, but some players are still looking to find something that has changed in the hope.

Regardless, the snowstorm is an entertaining addition to Fortnite and should lead to some interesting, albeit difficult to spot fights. There is no telling how long these winter storms will last, but the current Fortnite season is expected to end in February. Then at least some changes can be expected.

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