Fortnite Season 4 FNCS: dates, scoring, Twitch Drops & more

With the current declaration of the Fortnite Season 4 FNCS tournament, high-level competitive players have in fact been calling out Epic Games for the lowering of their esports prize pool after their massive $100 million splash throughout the 2018-2019 season.

Leading competitors like BenjyFishy, Zayt, and others have required to social networks to call out Epic for the apparently severe lowering of the prize pool throughout the in 2015.

Players who place in the leading 3 of the most popular areas in the video game are seeing about half of what they won a year previously. The winner of the European area in the FNCS will make practically $370,000 less in Chapter 2 Season 4 than they did throughout the very same tournament in 2019.

still grateful that i can play and earn money though merely regrettable just how much difference there is from in the past, the old weekly reward swimming pool 1st is almost as much as the grand finals first location, preferably world cup is gon na be substantial picture.twitter com/I9ETpZtGaR

— benjyfishy (@benjyfishy) September 25, 2020

To be reasonable to Impressive Games, there are a couple of factors for this. A lot of certainly, Legendary are now using weekly and everyday Money Cups to their gamer base. These events may not collect as much attention as the seasonal FNCS and DreamHack competitions, nevertheless they do count towards the general cash prize that Legendary hand out for Fortnite esports.

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This may appear like Champaign issues to a lot of people reading this. Yes, we’re mainly discussing young video game players who are completing for hundreds of numerous dollars from the benefit of their own homes.

To the leading players in the game, nonetheless, this isn’t everything about thecash To them, it’s another indicator that Impressive do not care about the competitiveside of Fortnite In their defense, they have years of evidence to back this up.

Esports press reporter Rod “Slasher” Breslau weighed in on this topic on Twitter, defining that the real problem with Fortnite esports has definitely nothing to do with thereward cash “Fortnite esports doesn’t require $100 Million in reward money for (it) to be effective,” he composed.

while Legendary and @TimSweeneyEpic has actually been attempting to rally its Fortnite players to combat for them in their battle vs Apple (a cause I usually support), numerous of Fortnite’s biggest stars have in fact been indifferent or directly unsupportive due to the fact that they feel Remarkable does not listen to them

— Rod Breslau (@Slasher) September 25, 2020

In a follow-up tweet, Slasher stimulated the constant battle in between Legendary Games and Apple and the number of the pros in the community stay indifferent on the objectively beneficial stand that Legendary are taking. This author has actually heard one popular professional claim that he wanted Apple to “clear out” Epic while raving about the Fortnite server performance in the Season 3 FNCS Grand Finals.

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When did Kevin the Cube concerned Fortnite? When did the Infinity Blade concern Fortnite?

Chapter 1 Season 7 began 4 days prior to a $1 million Winter Royalecompetition That indicates that all of the qualifiers happened on a various Fortnite season than the finals. The EU finals and the NA finals for the precise very same tournament took place on 2 totally various seasons.

Fortnite competitive series chapter 2

In his final tweet in the thread, Slasher acknowledged that “Fortnite esports is still in a fine spot, however provided the size and impact of the game to the gaming neighborhood at big and even mainstream culture.” Fortnite might be the most considerable game of all time when it’s all mentioned and done, however the esports side of things, “could be so much more,” as Slasher states.

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Over the past year, in a fascinating twist of fate, competitive Fortnite has in fact ended up being the number-one technique to view Fortnite onTwitch Popular banners like CouageJD, Ninja, DrLupo, and NickMercs have all left thegame Searching the Fortnite classification will mostly bring you streams of players like Clix, BenjyFishy, and Bugha transferring professional skirmishes.

All of us rage from time to time, however many of the Fortnite pros go out of their technique to trash the video game on other platforms– not merely on-stream.

The worst part of this situation may be that the game isn’t bad It’s in fact rathergood Casual players who do not understood why these pros are whining start to wander away from enjoying them. This was the main cause of the philosophical divide that we’re now seeing in in between the competitive and casual Fortnite gamer bases.

Sentinel head dirty docks

Like Slasher stated, Fortnite esports is in an outstanding area; regardless of all of the issues that it has. On a casual level, Fortnite has practically as numerous players as ever.

As somebody who was extremely thrilled for the future of Fortnite esports throughout the first Friday Fortnite competition, nevertheless, I can’t help nevertheless feel dissatisfied.

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