Fortnite Servers Are Back Online

After being down for a long time, Fortnite: Battle Royale is back online. Even though the game was down for half of yesterday and most of last night, this is still a short downtime compared to the end of Chapter 1, and the beginning of Chapter 2, when Fortnite disappeared into a black hole and servers didn’t start back up for several days.

Fortnite Servers Are Back Online

That’s a trick. Epic Games might not want to take another chance. Going offline for 12 to 15 hours creates excitement and anticipation. On the other hand, going offline for four days could make players want to play a different game.

There are many new things to see in Fortnite now that Season 1, Chapter 4 is out. Among these are:

  • A brand-new map with brand-new places to visit (plus some new ones).
  • There is a new Battle Pass with many new skins, like Geralt of Rivia from The Witcher and the Doom Slayer from DOOM. Here is where you can see all of those skins.
  • Epic will release Creative 2.0 during the season. This will let Fortnite players play around with the power of Unreal Engine 5 to make… well, we’ll see. Things are wonderful, no doubt! When this comes out next month, creativity should start to shine.
  • Motorcycles! At last! For the first time, you can now drive around on two wheels. Honestly, I can’t believe it’s taken Epic Games this long. Better late than never . . . .
  • There are new weapons like the Twin Mag SMG, Tactical Pistol, Thunder Shotgun, Maven Auto Shotgun, and Red-Eye Assault Rifle. Also, a Shock Hammer and the Ex-Caliber Rifle is a sword and rifle in one (which is clever Arthurian punning, I must admit).
  • Guns that can’t be hidden, like the SCAR. Also coming back soon is the Tactical AR. This time, it will have an orange-colored Red-Dot Sight.
  • Loot Drones
  • A new Slap Juice that can be used up and gives you more stamina faster.
  • New Default Skins
  • A new umbrella for winning.

What do you think of the new Chapter and Season so far?