Fortnite Star Wars Event: How to Watch the Rise of the Skywalker at Risky Reels

There were rumors of a Fortnite event happening at Risky Reels, and now we know what it is. Epic Games have teamed up with Star Wars to present an exclusive scene from the upcoming movie “Rise of Skywalker”, to be released in theaters on December 20th.

Players can see a teaser for “Rise of Skywalker” on the Risky Reels movie screen. It opens with a video that says, “This video is rated F for Fortnite” followed by all the details you need to know about the event.

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The wording of the posters you can see around the map indicates that this is not a complete strip for the movie. Instead, it will feature a scene from the movie that has not yet been released to the public.

How To Watch The Star Wars Event On Fortnite

Epic Games has not released a ton of details on how the event will unfold. All we know is that it will start December 14th with the doors open 1:30 pm ET and the broadcast starts from 2:00 pm ET. It is not clear what will happen between that half hour, but it seems that you will need to get into a game sometime during this time frame.

We assume that the game will go into a situation where you cannot fight others, as we have seen in previous events. What is unclear is whether you really need to be near Risky Reels to watch the trailer. Because if that happens then it will be a very busy location.

In previous events, Risky Reels has displayed video on its screen. But it looks like Fortnite has made some changes to the site and now shows a big headlight.

This is likely to help people from afar be able to see the scene.

What happens at the Star Wars event?

This will not be a trailer for the new film, but rather a scene not previously released by “Rise of Skywalker”. The posters also mention “with J.J. Abrams” who is the director of the film. While the information is limited, it seems that it will also play a role in this event.

In addition to releasing a trailer, people involved will be eligible for a special Star Wars tornado release. [/ embed]

Fortnite has previously released other Star Wars items, including a Rey, Finn and Sith trooper skins. An emote and a Star Wars banner are also available.

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