Fortnite waiting in queue: Fortnite Chapter 3 servers down with issues

Fortnite waiting in queue: Fortnite Chapter 3 servers down with issues

Fortnite waiting in queue issues tonight (Image: EPIC GAMES)

Fortnite Chapter 3 launched today, and while fans are very excited to start playing, many are facing issues.

These include being placed in a Fortnite queue, only never to find a way into a live match to play.

One user writes: “Waited in a 20 min queue just to not be able to connect. Then it made me relaunch and put me back in 20 min queue.”

There are a lot of reports right now being shared by gamers like the one above, and this could be an issue that affects gamers on and off throughout the day.

Having taken servers offline and released a giant new update, Epic Games servers are struggling to cope with the increased traffic.

The official game support page only list problems with Login services, but for many, that is enough to stop players from being able to play the game today.

The latest posts from the Fortnite support team can be found below, and it sounds like things are slowly improving:

PC: “We are aware PC players may be disconnected from the game while in the Waiting Room. We will update you when the issue is resolved.”

FORTNITE SERVERS: “We’re aware that log-ins, purchases, partying up, and matchmaking may be delayed. We’ll provide an update when this has returned to normal.

“Please note, this could impact some cloud game settings saving properly or your friends list populating. Once these issues are resolved, your preferences and list should return.”

NINTENDO SWITCH: “If you are encountering issues when updating the game on Nintendo Switch due to insufficient storage space, we recommend archiving and reinstalling Fortnite.”

More news is expected to be shared by the Fortnite support team if problems continue, and with the evening peak time still to come for North America, there could be a few bumps ahead.

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