Fortunately to have Salman Khan as a mentor. – Kiara Advani

Kiara Advani became famous after the success of Kabir Singh in 2019 and the actress surely increased her level of play. Projects with large banners with more fleshy roles in her pussy, everything seems to be going well for her. But things did not go as well at the start. Kiara made her debut in Fugly (2014), which did not do well at the box office. But Lust Stories and now Kabir Singh changed things for her.
Speaking of the bond she shares with mentor Salman Khan, the actress said in an interview with a major daily: “I am very fortunate to have Salman Khan as a mentor and I am lucky to contact him at any moment.” accessible and I ask him for advice on many decisions. Salman also called my parents after watching Kabir Singh and congratulated them personally. He told them that I did very well in the film and that he was very proud. The compliment means a lot to me especially when it comes from none other than the superstar Salman Khan. “.

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