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Forza Milan… the title is getting closer to “San Siro”!


After beating Fiorentina at “San Siro” in the last round, Milan needed two wins and a draw in the last three rounds of the championship to crown the title at the expense of the second and defender of Inter, after his absence for many years from the podiums that Juve acquired for a decade before falling With Inter last season, Milan are close to overthrowing the two together in a scenario that reports in life more Italian teams in vogue, and relaunches the Italian championship with the return of intense last-round match after years of decline of AC Milan for technical and material reasons before returning to the limelight at lower costs and without the stars that abound Have Juve, Inter and Naples, but with a seasoned coach he made a competitive team without big stars and at the lowest financial cost: he returned it to the Champions League in this season and qualified with it for the competition next season, regardless of the rest of the results. AC Milan moved to Verona, then hosted Atalanta before visiting Sassuolo in the last round to achieve the miracle of the season, in which he has lost only four times and was the least spent 165 million euros compared to Juve, who spent 370, and Inter 260, as well as Napoli with 215 million euros between hires and salaries, and without big stars, no experience and no experience for so many players who have suffered from repeated injuries and level fluctuations, and from intense competition from Inter, Juve and Napoli, but their coach Stefano Pioli made a difference last season when he finished second after Inter, and is close to achieving this great miracle. The season is the first of its kind for a manager who didn’t make it to Inter, who sent him off before him by completing the season, and hasn’t reached any peak in his career in training, despite having reached the final of the Italian Cup with Lazio in 2015. One of the oldest and greatest club Italians and Europeans and the most popular, officially qualified for the second time in a queue at the Champions League competition, which was missing for years, and which with him lacked that fun and emotion, just as he missed the championship since 2011, the last date to crown the local title, to get closer to the realization of the dream of his fans who returned in turn to do the show The stands of the stadiums, as in the last match against Fiorentina, and they do in occasion of the next game, where I am in he schedules more than ten thousand fans to accompany him to Verona to face the black ghost and its historical complex that was overturned each time, which increases the value of victory and crowning for the challenge it brings. Great for opponents, competitors, circumstances and all the data that were candidates for Inter and Juve to win the title in this season, in where the competition for the European championship was wide with the participation of Rome, Lazio, Fiorentina and Atalanta. The awaited crowning of the Scudetto will bring Milan back to its true position among adults, it will bring it back in Champions League for the second consecutive season and will give him the strength to enter the summer market from a stronger position that allows him to sign stars. which supports their ranks and guides them to conquer more titles and makes millions of their fans happy in Europe and the world, and allows it to attract new advertisers and lenders who revive the treasury of the clubresurrect the project of club Milanese and restore its prestige in Italy and Europe champions and the other teams return to their original size. Milan, Italian champion for the nineteenth time, is a dream that Pioli’s puppies are close to realizing after eleven years from their last coronation. Algerian journalist


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