Forza Motorsport Release Date Revealed: Play from Oct 5 with Premium Edition Pre-Order & Discover the Solo Campaign, Multiplayer, and New Race Regulations System!

Forza Motorsport Release Date and Solo Campaign Announcement

We were entitled to Forza Motorsport release date now it’s time for the Turn10 title of present your solo campaign!

Forza Motosport Arrives on October 10 … But You Can Play It From the 5th!

Forza Motorsport will release on October 10 on Xbox Series S and X and on PC. The game will be available in several versions, in physics and via Game Pass on consoles, and on Steam on purchase and via Game Pass on PC. The Standard Edition, sold for 79.99 euros and available for purchase and on Game Pass upon release, will contain the full game only. The Deluxe Edition, offered at 89.99 euros understand the car pass which gives access to 30 new vehicles (across the franchise) additional, available at a rate of one per week from release. Premium Edition provides access to all other advertised content. Proposed to €99.99 this contains the race car pack of the day (eight additional vehicles created for Forza), VIP Membership (which gives access to rewards, Forza cars, credit multipliers, etc) and the welcome package (which unlocks five cars and credits bonus). If you pre-order the Premium-Edition you can play from October 5 thanks to early access. The players having purchased the Standard Edition or the Deluxe Edition and those who will play it via THE Game Pass will be able to buy a upgrade to the Premium Edition at 39.99 euros.

Multiplayer with Friends in the Atmosphere of the Grand Prix

Forza Motorsport will of course offer single player and online multiplayer. Multi side on had several interesting announcements from Turn10. Beyond free parts usual, on may participate in special events with friends. These will take over the race weekend format from the professional world, on therefore expects to be immersed in the atmosphere of major sports competitions automobile. On the other hand, competitive online multiplayer is set to see big changes. Of new racing regulations systems, managed by AI, should ensure more discipline on the part of the players. Turn10 wants make races “safer” and reward the fair-play. For this, Forza Motorsport will even incorporate a driver rating system, which has not yet been detailed. Multiplayer races will also require players to use strategy regarding their tires and fuel level.

As for the solo, on will already know a lot more This evening

The Builders Cup Career Mode, Presented Tonight!

Indeed, Microsoft will present tonight, on the Forza Twitch channel, the Forza Monthly event. You can watch it from 8 p.m. after the Xbox Games Showcase Extended. It will present in length the single player campaign of the title, dubbed Career Builders Cup. This brand new campaign should be very complete, with the possibility of facing AIs at a very high level. Forza Motorsport will feature 800 upgrades performance for your vehicles, to be unlocked during the Builders Cup career mode. Still on the content side, on knows that 500 vehicles should be available upon release to browse a twenty circuits (content should continue to arrive regularly after the release). The circuits will change during the race: the weather report will affect adhesion, dynamic time system will affect the temperature of the track, vehicles will leave gum residue on the asphalt…

Forza Motorsport is coming to Xbox Series and PC, via Game Pass and Steam on October 10. Those who pre-ordered the Premium Edition will be able to play it starting October 5. The Career Builders Cup premieres tonight at 8 p.m. on Forza’s Twitch channel.

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