Fox News Host Mark Levin Says Bernie Sanders Is Racist Because He Lives In Vermont

Life at the top is making Bernie Sanders an even juicier target for conservative pundits.

Before the senator won the New Hampshire Democratic presidential primary Tuesday, Fox News host Mark Levin accused him of being a racist ― for moving to Vermont. (See the Media Matters-shared video below)

Levin, host of “Life Liberty & Levin,” reminded viewers this week on Blaze TV’s “LevinTV” that Sanders is a native New Yorker. He then steered into his eyebrow-raising declaration.

“This is a man born in Brooklyn, New York. Where does he wind up? In Vermont,” Levin said on his show Monday. “He talks about the society being racist from the top to the bottom. Racist throughout. Why did he choose Vermont? Why does he live in Vermont? Why didn’t he choose another place? Why didn’t he choose a town like Newark or Camden? Or East Palo Alto or East St. Louis? Why didn’t he pick any of these really tough majority-minority towns? Why didn’t he pick them? Because he’s racist, from top to bottom, that’s why.” 

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