France bans the online sale of paracetamol until the end of January

The French newspaper Journal officiel reported that the French government has banned the sale of paracetamol online until January 31 due to drug supply problems.

France has been suffering from problems with the supply of paracetamol-containing drugs, including for children, for more than 6 months, and so far the French Ministry of Health has not taken measures to solve this problem.

And earlier, the Financial Times, citing the World Health Organization, reported that pharmacists in the US and Europe have reported acute shortages of common painkillers such as: paracetamol as a result of high demand for analgesics due to the spread of influenza, respiratory diseases and the corona virus, ” Covid-19” in the winter, and there is a worldwide shortage of antibiotics, especially penicillin and amoxicillin.

Falling demand for antibiotics, as well as severe pressure on supply chains during the coronavirus pandemic, have forced pharmaceutical companies to reduce their production, according to health experts.

While much of the world will see its first winter in two years unrestricted, supply issues and legal and regulatory requirements are keeping pharmaceutical companies from ramping up production.

The Financial Times pointed out that disruption to supply chains is making it difficult to secure materials needed to produce antibiotics, and rising energy prices have reduced the profits of antibiotic manufacturers.

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