France, Belgium and the Netherlands are collaborating on the production of new warships

Naval Today reported that France, Belgium and the Netherlands will cooperate in the production of anti-mine warships.

A post on the website said: “France, Belgium and the Netherlands have recently signed a cooperation agreement to develop national platforms for combating naval mines, and the document of the agreement was signed in Paris during the International Maritime Exhibition Euronaval 2022.”

The site states that “France has announced its intention to start designing new warships, minesweepers, so that these ships are similar to the warships that Belgium and the Netherlands will receive.”

According to the site, Naval Group started developing the first new offshore minesweeper for Belgium last December and also started developing a similar ship for the Netherlands last June, with the ships expected to be handed over to customers in 2024.

It is assumed that each of the new ships will be 82.6 m long, 17 m wide and have a displacement of about 2800 tons. These ships will be able to move at a speed of 15.3 nautical knots and cover a distance of 3500 nautical miles in each mission.

Source: Weapons of Russia