France builds modern warships for Greece

Military website armtrade announced that Naval Group has started production of another FDI-class warship for the Greek army.

“A ceremony was recently held at the shipyard of the French naval group in Lorient to mark the start of the production process of the second ship of the FDI HN type for the Greek army,” the website said in a statement.

The site states that the Greek Ministry of Defense had previously signed contracts with the French naval group to receive 4 FDI HN ships for its army, the first two ships to be delivered in 2025 and the third in 2023.

Greece buys the mentioned ships of two categories, the first category “Standard-1” (light) goes without mines and anti-submarine traps, and without anti-aircraft missiles “Aster-15/30”, and the second category “Standard-2” includes these types of weapons .

The FDI frigates that Greece is seeking to acquire are multi-purpose warships, each 121.6 m long, 17.7 m wide and displaced equivalent to 4,250 tons. These ships can also travel at 27 knots and travel 5,000 nautical miles. in every mission.

The ship’s weapon system includes MM40 anti-ship missiles and naval targets, Aster 15/30 anti-aircraft missiles, 76-mm cannons, 20-mm machine guns and 324-mm torpedoes.

Source: Weapons of Russia