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France Demonstrations of rejection of the medical permit for the fifth week


Opponents of the medical permit measure for the Covid-19 emergency have toured many cities in France in demonstrations organized on the fifth consecutive Saturday, and comes days after the measure was generalized in most public places.

The two most important marches in Paris began with slogans like “Let’s free France” and “Bring your declaration, Macron, and go”.

On the other hand, in the procession organized by the “yellow vests” movement, Marie Huguet, in pension, rejected “the idea of ​​not being able to go where we want”, while the 30-year-old employee of a human rights office, Jan Fontaine, saw “a failure of freedom and discrimination” behind the health permit.

The scope of these moves is broadening. The Interior Ministry indicated that last week in France more than 237,000 people demonstrated.

With no major incidents so far, the movements are attracting non-politicized families and protesters, as well as nurses or firefighters who participated in their professional dress, in a scene that goes beyond simply refusing vaccinations or believing conspiracy theories.

And from Monday, in France, the health permit has begun to be applied in most public places. The French are required to exhibit the document in bars, restaurants, cinema, theaters, hospitals and long-distance trains.

This health document proves that the person is fully vaccinated against Covid, or has a negative test, or has recently recovered from the disease.

Protesters accuse the government of underestimating the protests. The “Yellow Number” group, which publishes its participant statistics on Facebook in each city said last Saturday saw the participation of “at least” 415,000 demonstrators in France.

“Healthy dictatorship”

Outside Paris, larger rallies are planned in the south, where Toulon, Montpellier, Nice, Marseille and Perpignan have become major protest centers.

About a thousand people demonstrated in morning in Lannion, in the region of Brittany (west), against “the attack on freedoms”, in response to a collective initiative that brought together the “rebel France” party, the “Atac” movement that calls for an alternative globalization and trade unionists.

The local press noted that the number of participants doubled in two weeks.

A group within this heterogeneous movement, without real leadership, launches anti-Semitic slogans, while some vaccination centers and pharmacies are treated as “collaborators of the occupation” or are subject to malicious acts.

The protesters denounced the restriction of their “freedoms” and a “healthy dictatorship”.

These allegations raise the discontent of the government, which is facing an epidemic boom in two overseas territories, Guadeloupe and Martinique.

After having imposed a new closure in Martinique, Health Minister Olivier Veran criticized the movement “we talk about it a lot” and launch “sometimes very suspicious slogans”.

The government still hopes to convince the undecided to reach the target of 50 million French people who receive the first dose of Covid-19 vaccines at the end of August.

Since last Monday, citizens have been required to show this certificate in public places, proving that they have been vaccinated or that they are recent test have been shown not to be infected with the Corona virus.

Authorities estimate that more than 200 rallies are currently taking place in the whole country, with the participation of about 250,000 demonstrators.

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