France Emmanuel Macron today ushered in for a second presidential term

Today, Saturday, the Elysée de Paris will attend Emmanuel Macron’s inauguration for his second term as president, after winning the elections two weeks ago.

According to the protocol followed during the previous inauguration ceremonies, the event should begin with the announcement of the official results of the elections by the President of the Constitutional Council.

Macron got 58.5% of the votes in the second round, ahead of his right-wing rival Marine Le Pen, who got 41.4% of the votes.

The new presidential term begins as the French Socialist Party concluded an alliance agreement with the far-left party “France Proud” to run for parliamentary elections in June in an attempt to deny Macron a majority.

The deal, which the Greens and the Communists agreed earlier this week, would be the first time the French left has joined in 20 years old, but this time with the Proud France party in the driver’s seat.

The left and right parties of the French political spectrum are trying to forge alliances to try to beat Macron’s party, renamed “Ennahda”, in the elections of 12 and 19 June to choose members of the French parliament.

Macron won a second term last month, but he will need a majority in parliament to be in able to carry out policies including raising the retirement age to 65 from the current 62, which both left and right oppose.

The left bloc coalition has crystallized under the leadership of controversial “France Proud” party leader Jean-Luc Melenchon, who failed to reach the second round of the French presidential elections last month.

Melenchon finished third with 22% of the vote in the first round of the elections. For her part, the socialist presidential candidate Anne Hidalgo received only about 1.7% of the votes.

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