France freezes 33 properties of wealthy Russians, including Roman Abramovich

France has announced the freezing of 33 properties of wealthy Russians, including Roman Abramovich.

As of last Tuesday, French authorities have frozen € 23.7 billion of Russian movable and real estate assets, including properties worth $ 573.6 million.

The French Ministry of Economy and Finance said that the largest share of these funds, amounting to 22.8 billion euros, is on the accounts of the Russian Central Bank in France, confirming the information published by the newspaper Le Parisien.

The ministry added that to this amount are added 178 million euros of various banking activities.

France froze four merchant ships and four yachts, the latest of which was in Marseille last Tuesday, worth over € 125.2 million, as well as six helicopters, worth over € 60 million. of euros, in addition to seven million euros of works of art.

The French authorities have also seized 33 properties, including 19 civil real estate companies, and are preparing to seize about 10 other properties.

The total value of these movable and immovable funds is around 24 billion euros.

The Western response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine included a financial crackdown on the large circle of billionaires close to the Kremlin, freezing bank accounts and seizing luxury homes and yachts belonging to Russian oligarchs.

Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine on February 24, the European Union, the United States and Great Britain expanded their lists of people close to the Russian regime who have been cut off from the international financial system.

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