France, Germany and Great Britain to Iran: They cooperated with the IAEA

After persistent demands for transparency and information from Iran about its nuclear program, France, Germany and Great Britain have again asked Tehran to work with the International Atomic Energy Agency and to stop all measures, die contradict the nuclear deal.

The three countries have Wednesday yesterday in a joint statement stresses that die Implementation of the Comprehensive Action Plan in the interests of all is as you described it.

He also referred to die Support and engagement of the three countries in the ongoing negotiations in Vienna with the participation of the parties to the Joint Action Plan, which aims to die Facilitate US return to nuclear deal.

Ongoing violations

He also stressed die Need for Iran, die To fully comply with the obligations of the agreement and such die Restore the benefits of the agreement for all.

The European countries welcomed in in its statement on the latest quarterly report of the Board of Governors of the International Atomic Energy Agency die Monitoring nuclear facilities in Iran.

It expressed, however, “his deep concern.” die persistent violations by Iran of its nuclear-related commitments, including escalation steps taken since January 2021 “.

France, Germany and Great Britain to Iran: They cooperated with the IAEA

From the talks in Vienna (Reuters archive)

You represented die Believes that “these steps pose a significant risk of irreversible consequences for die have nuclear capabilities of Iran and die Undermine the benefits of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action “.

The statement also stated that “it is unfortunate that these Iranian steps are being taken at a time when in the all in substantial discussions are involved with the aim of finding a diplomatic solution to restore the nuclear deal. “He stressed that” Iran continues die is building technical infrastructure to produce up to 60% enriched uranium to produce highly enriched uranium for the first time, making it the first and only country in the world to do so in a facility under safety precautions does. These are crucial steps for die Manufacture of nuclear weapons. “

Atomic Agency Restrictions

In addition, France, Germany and the United Kingdom expressed “deep concern about die persistent restrictions, die imposed on the monitoring activities of the International Atomic Energy Agency in Iran “, pointing out that”die Apply the protocol between the agency and Tehran and work with transparency. “

Natanz uranium enrichment plant (Reuters archive)

Natanz uranium enrichment plant (Reuters archive)

She also stressed that “Iran in Compliance with Security Council Resolution 2231 in Cooperate fully with the International Atomic Energy Agency with regard to its obligations and must grant unhindered access to all locations and activities “. And consider that”die Iran’s restriction on the work of the International Atomic Energy Agency makes it difficult for the international community to ensure that its activities will remain peaceful. “

It is noteworthy that die IAEA and Iran reached a three-month agreement last February to die die Effects of Tehran’s decision to die Collaboration with the agency to reduce, through die End of the additional surveillance measures in the 2015 nuclear agreement attenuated.

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