France is approaching the worst … die Intensive care units are best

The number of intensive care patients in France is rapidly approaching the worst stages of the final wave of the coronavirus in autumn 2020, which is another indication of how far die French hospitals re-infected.

The number of Covid-19 patients in intensive care units in Hospitals in France rose to 4,872 on Sunday evening.

That number is just below the highest point of 4,919 cases in intensive care units on Nov. 16, when France also experienced a virus mutation and was closed in response.

There die Admission rates in the intensive care unit will continue to rise in double digits every day if the November high could be exceeded within a few days.

Doctors are increasingly alarming about die Possibility of having to remove patients from the intensive care unit, in particular in the Paris region.

When die Epidemic hit France for the first time in Hospitals admitted more than 7,000 patients to the intensive care unit, with that peak in April 2020.

During this tidal wave of infections posed die Hospitals die Treating many non-Covid patients to avoid complete exhaustion.

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