France is “concerned” about the health of its Russian opponent Navalny

French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian confirmed on Sunday that France is “extremely concerned” about this The state of health of the Russian exhibitor Alexei NavalnySpeaking of Russian President Vladimir Putin, who has “a great responsibility” for it.

“The situation of Navalny is extremely worrying,” said Le Drian on the official channel “France 3”, adding: “I hope that action will be taken to help die To ensure the physical safety of Navalny and his release. “” This is a great responsibility for President Putin, “he said.

The main opponent of the Kremlin has resigned since March 31 in went on hunger strike to protest his poor detention conditions. Navalny, 44, barely escaped a neurotoxin last year that left him in a coma.

Doctors asked on Saturday in close to the opposition to be able to see him immediately, for fear of a fatal cardiac arrest “any moment”.

Le Drian added: “I conclude that it is in Russia actually gives an authoritarian deviation “considering that these acts” are the greatest model, the most symbolic and the most influential in the soul “is.

He said: “Russia has a responsibility for die Navali’s health, die Must be worn “and repeated that die European Union die Files closely monitored. “We have already taken action,” he said, adding, “the sanctions package is big, but there could be other sanctions.”

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