France is discussing with Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates to diversify energy supplies to Europe

Today, Sunday, French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian discussed with his Saudi and Emirati counterparts the issue of diversifying energy supplies to Europeans in order to reduce their dependence on Russia.

A spokesman for the French foreign ministry said that Le Drian “stressed the need for strong international mobilization to increase pressure on Russia to stop the offensive. in Ukraine”.

Anne-Claire Logender also stressed “the importance of continuing to work to diversify Europe’s energy supplies”.

Europeans are calling on the Gulf states to increase their oil production to curb the rise in energy prices due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine and to reduce the share of Russian oil in the world market. The European Union, which depends on Russian hydrocarbons, is also organizing to reduce gas purchases from Russia by two thirds, starting with quest’year.

The French foreign minister will be on his way next week in visit in Qatar, which is among the three largest exporters of natural gas. extinct.

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