France: lifting the siege of Taiz is a priority for the international community

Today, Thursday, France expressed its deep concern about the Houthi siege of Taiz, Yemen, which has lasted for several years, and stressed the importance of ending the suffering and the siege. in this city.

In a statement published by the embassy’s Twitter account, the French ambassador in Yemen, Jean-Marie Safa, stressed that Taiz is a “priority for the international community” in Yemen.

The French ambassador reaffirmed his country’s full support for the UN-mediated humanitarian truce, which entered in force in early April for a two-month period, and said it “represents an important step in favor of pace”.

He also called for the truce to be respected and preserved by all sides for the good of all Yemenis.

He added: “France calls on the parties to facilitate the reopening of Sana’a airport, while at the same time expressing deep concern over the siege of Taiz. in course for several years, which has left many of its residents suffering from a humanitarian ordeal. “

The French ambassador in Yemen stressed that Taiz “is a priority for the international community”.

He stressed the importance of alleviating the suffering of the Yemeni people, both in Taiz and in any other part of the country, after more than 7 years of conflict.

This statement came after a month of UN humanitarian truce in Yemen and a day later a Houthi drone attack that targeted dignitaries in the center of Taiz city, injuring more than 10 people and causing property damage.

On April 1, the United Nations sponsored a truce agreement between the government and the Houthi militia, but questThe latter violated its obligations to the truce, including the lifting of the siege imposed on the governorate of Taiz, and headed for a full-scale escalation in more than one Yemeni governorate, according to the government’s allegations.

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