France .. Macron’s first comment after his slapping incident

French President Emmanuel Macron said the incident of his slap in the face was an isolated incident, behind which violent extremists were behind.

Macron added that violent people should not be allowed to dominate political dialogue.

Macron was slapped by a person while visiting the southeast of the country, die Police arrested two people after the incident.

The defendants are charged with assaulting a public official which, if convicted, is punishable by up to six months’ imprisonment.

In his first tweet after the “blow” incident, French President Emmanuel Macron ignored the incident, the die Communication sites lit, completely and thanked the farmers.
Macron preferred to ignore the incident and in his first tweet after the incident on his Twitter account to talk about the country’s agricultural sector.

“With the reopening of restaurants must die Gastronomy as well die French agriculture will be celebrated, ”said Macron. “I would like to welcome our farmers again. They allowed us to feed ourselves well during detention, they allowed the country to stay. “

French media reported extensively on Tuesday, Tuesday die Message and reported that die French authorities arrested two people after they met President Macron’s husband during a tour with a crowd in punched the Drôme region in south-eastern France in the face.

A video clip circulated on Twitter, in that a man in green shirt, glasses and muzzle appeared, chanted: “Macaroni down” and then gave Macron a slap in the face.

The clip also shows Macron’s bodyguards intervening quickly to lure the man to the ground, away from the president.

On Tuesday, Macron’s office confirmed, citing the Associated Press die Authenticity of a video clip that is widely used on the Internet.

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