France pulls out of energy deal

French President Emmanuel Macron said France would be the last European Union country to withdraw from an energy deal that environmental groups claim environmental groups are using to crack down on environmental measures.

The Energy Charter Treaty entered into force in 1998 to protect foreign investment in the energy sector. Climate and environmental NGOs called for a collective withdrawal of EU member states from the treaty.

Italy has already backed out, while Spain and the Netherlands have also announced a similar trend.

As part of the EU’s Green Deal policy, member states agreed last year that the treaty should be revised to stop any additional investment in fossil fuel-based energy infrastructure projects “unless they are fully in line with an ambitious, defined and clear path.” to the climate.” neutrality”, in line with the purposes of the UN.

Last month, Macron called for a “significant boost” in his country’s renewable energy development, including offshore wind farms and solar power, with a new plan that aims to catch up with lagging France in the energy policies of its European neighbors. union.

Source: AB