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France reveals .. Russia recruited a spy into the office of Defense Minister Le Drian in 2017


Former director of the French External Security Directorate-General, Bernard Bajolet, revealed that a spy for Russia worked in the French Defense Ministry in 2017, speaking during a program on the “France 5” network on Sunday evening.

Bajolet was asked for information that a spy for Russia was working in the office of the then Defense Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian, who currently holds the Foreign Ministry, and confirmed in the documentary on Russian President Vladimir Putin, “In fact, when I was director general of external security, I reported the matter” to the government.

“In years past, we used to say, ‘This is all over.’ But we see very well that the espionage activities have not stopped at all, and that the means employed by the Russians and the Chinese, but also by others, the Americans, have never been as great as they are today, let’s see things for what they are. “

At the time, investigative news site Mediapart revealed this information that a Russian military intelligence spy had recruited an informant into Jean-Yves Le Drian’s office when he was defense minister under former president Francois Hollande. .

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