France … The trial of a mayor for an extremist Turkish association!

The city of Strasbourg resolved against the backdrop of a vote by its council two weeks ago in France controversy over granting a financial grant of more than 2.5 million euros for the construction of a mosque, die to be built by the pro-Turkish “Milli Gorsuch” association.

In addition, the mayor of Strasbourg, Jan Parsigian, was sharply criticized by government officials for running the association in close to Turkey.

For his part, French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin said: “I had die Opportunity to say to the mayor of Strasbourg that at least we do not find this matter in line with French interests. “The Turkish association wanted die Do not sign the Charter of Values ​​of the Republic. “”.

A remarkable development

In a remarkable development in this case announced die Administration of the province of Ba-Ran, to which Strasbourg belongs, demands that legal measures be taken to order die To cancel a vote on municipal subsidies while it is pending A second city council vote, die is dedicated to the CIMG group, die oversees the controversial project of the Great Mosque Eyup Sultan. it is located in Strasbourg under construction.

The announcement of the governorate die Recourse to justice took place hours after die Organization “Milli Gorsuch” during a press conference yesterday in the Alsatian capital had categorically rejected allegations of its loyalty to Ankara or the adoption of separatist ideas.

The mayor, for her part, justified her position and explained in an earlier interview with Al Arabiya Net: “This amount corresponds to 10 percent of the total cost of construction and this is allowed under the city law when financing all religious projects. This wish is to receive support from the community, such as the construction of the Great mosque in Strasbourg. Or it can also be for die be orthodox church and this is on die Peculiarity of the city in Attributed to France Think about it die Update standards of aid to religious organizations. “

Dialectical Laws

While Geum Perry, a journalist specializing in Turkish affairs, told stated that die City privacy helped pave the way for die to clear the legal establishment of Turkish projects.

Explaining why his law is different from other French cities, he said, “As the Law of Secularism 1905 in France was enacted, Strasbourg was a subsidiary of Germany, so the law of secularism was not applied in Alsace and allows it to do so die Existence In a university or in religious schools, the law in Alsace is not the same as in the rest of France. “

On March 22nd, the Strasbourg City Council passed with 42 votes against 7 die Decision about die financial support for a project worth more than 25 million euros. The stated value corresponds to about 10% of the construction costs of the mosque. This is the percentage that the city council has given to supporting places of worship since 1999 in Strasbourg granted.

It is worth noting that die Turkish organization “Milli Görüş”, die is close to the Muslim Brotherhood, was founded in 1969 and die largest extremist organization in the west.

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