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France welcomes the summer with 81 destinations


European airlines are working hard to restore the tourism and travel sectors hit by the coronavirus pandemic as these two sectors move apart after months of shutdown in Europe and the Mediterranean region are recovering up to a twenty percent increase over the summer of two thousand and nineteen, which prompted this company to use large aircraft instead of medium or small aircraft, die Usually used for long distance flights or for some destinations like Marrakech and Agadir, there is plane die Number, die Air France flies fifty-five weekly flights to Morocco.

Started weeks ago die Governments, die Closure and the travel ban to relax as airlines in France due to the proximity of these countries to France and that of the health authorities in Prevention laws imposed on them in this summer die Number of their planes in die Mediterranean countries have doubled.
reason for die high travel rate in die Countries of the Maghreb is the family reunion after a month-long corona-related stone, lock and travel ban, so that many Arab immigrants earlier their relatives in their countries of origin in the summer of Europeans to travel and discover die Mediterranean countries.

Towards the summer of 1919, Air France became die Increase the number of their fleet aircraft for flights to Greece by 80 percent and to Portugal by 25 percent.

Profits from Air France flights revenue in This summer makes up sixty-five percent of total profit for that year compared to the period of the year, up to a forty percent increase from the month of May of this year

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