France’s Ambassador to Saudi Arabia: We reject any act that destabilizes the security of the region

Today, Friday, the French ambassador to Saudi Arabia strongly condemned the terrorist attack against the refinery in Riyadh.

In addition, the French ambassador said: “I reiterate that Paris is absolutely opposed to any act that undermines the security of the region.”

An official source at the Saudi Ministry of Energy announced today, Friday, that the Riyadh refinery had been attacked by a terrorist drone and condemned these acts of sabotage aimed at securing energy supplies.

No injuries or deaths

The source stated: “At 6 and 5 minutes this morning, local time, the Riyadh oil refinery was attacked by drones and the attack resulted in a controlled fire and the attack did not result in injury or death and the oil supply and its derivatives were not affected. “According to the Saudi press agency” SPA “.

He also stressed that the Kingdom strongly condemns this cowardly attack and reiterates that the acts of terrorism and sabotage that are repeatedly perpetrated against vital facilities and civilian objects were the last attempt to target the Ras Tanura refinery and the Saudi Aramco residential area The neighborhood in Dhahran is not just targeting the kingdom, but in a way. Further security and stability of the energy supply in the world and also in the world economy.

He again called on the countries of the world and their organizations to stand up against these terrorist and sabotage attacks and to face all parties that carry out or support them.

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