Gaming Free horror game collection is a throwback to the...

Free horror game collection is a throwback to the PS1 demo era


Back in ye olden days, publishers would disperse morsels of hot brand-new games by means of demo discs, which you might often get by means of publication memberships, to name a few locations. In 2020, both discs and demonstrations are an increasing rarity, that makes this current horror- themed demo package a pleasure on numerous levels.

Available to download via itchio, The Haunted Disc slaps together 17 various demonstrations, all motivated by the chunky graphics of the first PlayStationconsole The offerings appear to be anything however common. Orange County, for example, is a first- individual horror … skating game? Even the more “standard” handles categories sound rejuvenating– Fear Deception is an open-world RPG that includes options, statistics, and missions, however it’s likewise just about a number of hours long. My preferred game description belongs to Neko Yume, a “cat-filled dream with a day/night cycle and dozens of randomized events.” The jewel-case art work even has a tuxedo feline on the front. I hope it’s not the feline that’s getting frightened!

The very best trailer of the lot goes to Ode to a Moon, a first- individual cosmic horror game where you have to learn what occurred to a town prior to it came down into insanity: lE

There’s likewise a “sauna simulator” loaded into the package, however I’m thinking there’s more to the game than satisfies the eye. And we can’t ignore Tasty Ramen, which appears to have to do with a haunted soup mascot.

Generally, if you’re an old-school fan of franchises like Quiet Hill and Homeowner Evil, you’re bound to discover something to like here– however the package likewise makes sure to have some enjoyable with its ideas, instead of throwing up the category’s prime time.

Download the pack here.

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